Friday, May 3, 2013

two hundred and thirty-six

(Today's quick tip and menu plan are after the jump.)
 "I’ll never forget the first time my childhood friend showed me how to make one of her favorite treats.  The recipe was simple: one piece of white bread, squished and squeezed into a compact ball.  It was kind of like a bread bonbon, and the thought of it horrified me immensely.  You see, I grew up eating sprouted wheat bread—the kind that can lead a child’s mind to wonder about the possibility of those seeds sprouting further during the digestion process—and it most certainly did not squish.  It crumbled."

Read the rest of the post "Hearty White Sandwich Bread" at Home Ec 101.

Friday Quick Tip # 4 - Bed pillows are prone to getting musty, but the washing them too often can leave your pillows uncomfortable and lumpy.  To freshen your pillows without water, set them outside in the sun for six to eight hours (flipping halfway through).  By the time you bring them in, they'll be whiter, cleaner smelling, and sometimes even fluffier!  Plus, Heather says sunlight is magic.

Menu Plan : May 3 - May 9, 2013

You may notice that this week includes the tacos and taco salad from last week's menu.  The beef went bad sooner than it should have...  Trying again this week!  The homemade Zaxby's came by way of an unfulfillable craving (and will be the subject of one of next week's posts), while the linguine alla vodka con gamberi (AKA pasta and shrimp with vodka sauce) is at the request of Mr N.  Shrimp aren't cheap, but how can I say no to something so easy to make?

Friday - homemade Zaxby's
Saturday - chicken makhani
Sunday - matzo ball soup
Tuesday - crunchy beef tacos
Wednesday - linguine alla vodka con gamberi
Thursday - taco salad

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