Thursday, April 4, 2013

two hundred and eighteen

"A little over ten years ago today, I enrolled in home economics as a school elective.  To say I was excited would be an understatement, and I showed up for my first day of class eager to learn anything and everything I could about sewing, cooking, cleaning, and—most important to me—baking.  The pace was slow; by the middle of the semester, we had barely made a batch of cookies!  I finally got up the courage to ask the teacher when we’d learn to make, say, a simple loaf of bread.  My courage was rewarded with a “Hah!” worthy of The Simpsons’ Edna Krabapple.  Deflated and embarrassed, I gave up on baking and spent the rest of the course sewing stuffed animals, taking breaks to thread my classmates’ needles..."

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"Easy Italian Bread" at Home Ec 101.

P.S.  I'm going to be writing Home Ec 101 posts more frequently starting, like, today.  Do my dear Dreams Unreal readers mind if I keep up the trend of posting teasers for my Home Ec 101 posts?  They don't seem inappropriate to me content-wise, but I don't want anyone to feel I'm being annoying and spammy.

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